The Aparangi Village Residential Care Unit has the following Vision and Mission statements, and our Philosophy is outlined below for your reference.


  • To provide quality of loving care to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the whole person to the degree that the love and care is reflected in the very nature of Aparangi.
  • To set high standards in the residential facilities provided - with, for example, single rooms with a private toilet and washbasin as a minimum bedroom standard. To seek the continued involvement and generosity of our districts people in setting and maintaining such standards.
  • To provide management and staff with the support, aids, facilities and conditions regarded as central to success in applying this philosophy. To supplement staff effort by encouraging continued and voluntary support.
  • To keep in sight the Trust Board's original objectives for the people of this district by maintaining costs within our residents capacity to pay.
  • To lastly but most importantly of all, strive to build love and trust by constant reliability and the giving of oneself for others.

Because, as the word ‘Aparangi' translates, the people in our care are indeed -

"A gathering of distinguished people"