What you need to know about Purchasing an Existing Dwelling

  • The asking price consists of the dwelling price (Bricks & Mortar) and the site payment.

  • The dwelling price is normally negotiable.

  • The site payment is 20%

  • Therefore, the asking price shown in this booklet is only an indicative cost

  • The best way to find out more is talk to us.

  • Dwellings shown as “under offer” are still available for you to view and pursue, should you wish to do so.


The Trust Board’s General Manager holds a list of those persons interested in purchasing a dwelling in this way. When a house becomes available for sale interested parties are invited to inspect the house without obligation.                       

On the sale of the "Own Your Own House" the Trust Board acts for the resident or the resident’ estate. The Occupation License   provides that the Trust Board may retain a deduction, currently 5% of the sale price. The balance is payable to the resident or the resident’s estate. At the time of sale, the Trust Board enters into a new Occupation License with the purchaser.

The Site Payment provides for that interest (in the site) to be transferable (only in the name/s of the resident) in such a way that they may purchase a smaller ""Own Your Own House" elsewhere in Aparangi without further payment of a Site Payment other than the administration costs. This enables the residents to move to a smaller, more easily maintained dwelling or serviced Apartment (Semi-Independent Flat).

Simple Trust Board conditions of residency are in place, which are designed to preserve 'open' character to the grounds and to engender an atmosphere of tranquillity.