Purchase Brand New Dwelling


This option provides all the benefits of owning a new home, without having to manage the design and build yourself. In partnership with local building company Callavate Limited, beautifully designed modern homes are being built on the sections available on The Knoll and Eastfield.

These homes consist of 84-130m2 duplex units and 130-170m2 stand-alone villas. They are at various stages - some are nearly finished, building has started on others, and there are also sections ready to be built on. Whichever your timeframe, there is an option to suit.

The quality and professional standards Callavate adhere to is extremely high, and residents are reassured as Callavate’s key contractors have become familiar faces. Owners Matt and Sheena Young, are born and bred locals and passionate about giving back to our community. They have a love for business, people and property development, and being a part of ensuring sustained growth for ‘our town’ and the future of ‘our families’ is very important to them. Sheena says “We feel very privileged to work with Aparangi, and enjoy catching up with the residents regularly during the build process. We look forward to introducing new residents to the village and working with them to make their new home just perfect.”

An ‘Agreement for Occupation Licence – Callavate New Build’ is entered into between TKRTB (Te Kauwhata Retirement Trust Board) and you. This includes the plans and specs of the new home. Once the completed agreement has been signed, returned, and approved by TKRTB, it is provided to TKRTB’s Solicitor, and a personalised ‘Occupation Licence’ will be prepared and sent to your Solicitor with the intention it is signed promptly and a 10%  deposit is paid, to start the 15 working day cooling-off period. The balance is due on Practical Completion of the dwelling.

For more information or to discuss this process further, please contact Sheena Young on 0274 978 860 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..