Own Your own housing

The Te Kauwhata Retirement Trust Board has developed "Own Your Own Housing" as a means of providing independence and security in housing for retired people who are financially able to house themselves.

‘We own the land on which your Residential Dwelling stands and you own the Occupation License. On termination of your Occupation License you will receive a fair market price for your home (as agreed by you at the time) paid by an approved purchaser’

Most importantly the dwelling following construction or purchase is in all respects the property of the owner (as detailed in the Occupation License). Accordingly, the owner is responsible for maintenance, power and telephone charges, insurance and the maintenance of any garden immediately adjacent to the house.  A weekly fee (village outgoings) is charged by the Trust Board to the resident to cover a share of Waikato District Council and Environment Waikato general rates, lawn cutting, grounds maintenance and green waste collection, rubbish collection, water supply and street lighting, administration and Retirement Village Act compliance costs. The current village outgoings (weekly fee) as at the 1st October 2018 is $101 per week, payable four-weekly in advance ($404). This charge is reviewed each year by the Trust Board and is held to the minimum possible level.


Purchase an Existing Dwelling

Re-sale by existing residents. The Trust Board’s General Manager holds a list of those persons interested in purchasing a dwelling in this way. When a house becomes available for sale interested parties are invited to inspect the house without obligation.                       

On the sale of the "Own Your Own House" the Trust Board acts for the resident or the resident’ estate. The Occupation License   provides that the Trust Board may retain a deduction, currently 5% of the sale price. The balance is payable to the resident or the resident’s estate. At the time of sale, the Trust Board enters into a new Occupation License with the purchaser.

The Site Payment provides for that interest (in the site) to be transferable (only in the name/s of the resident) in such a way that they may purchase a smaller ""Own Your Own House" elsewhere in Aparangi without further payment of a Site Payment other than the administration costs. This enables the residents to move to a smaller, more easily maintained dwelling or serviced Apartment (Semi-Independent Flat).

Simple Trust Board conditions of residency are in place, which are designed to preserve 'open' character to the grounds and to engender an atmosphere of tranquillity.




Build Your own housing

Building a new house on a vacant site.  It is a condition of this arrangement that the purchaser must submit drawings prepared by an architect or draughtsman for approval by the Trust Board.  When choosing this option, the purchaser is responsible for all payments against the building contract

An initial deposit of 10% of the Site Payment (land the dwelling will sit on) is to be made on the day the Agreement for Occupation License – New Build (application form) is signed.  Full payment is to be made no later than as agreed in this document when settlement is due on issue of the Occupation License.

The Site Payment structure ranges from $70,000.00 to $100,000.00 dependent on the site chosen.

All areas with more that 500mm drop need to have a barrier for Health & Safety.

The plans for your proposed dwelling need to be submitted to the Trust Board for approval and/or comment.

To allow for line of sight and open spaces for all residents there is a Trust Board directive that regulates the siting of dwellings.  There is an inner 3m band from the boundary line of the site you have chosen that cannot be encroached upon by dwellings.

Concrete floor level of all dwellings must be at least 225mm above the highest ground level of the dwelling footprint. Any deviation from this must be communicated to the Trust Board upon presentation of building plans.

When your dwelling plan has been approved, you will be given an information pack to forward to your builder.  This pack has various papers in it to assist with the planning and processes that may arise.

All landscaping of the site is to be completed as stated in the Occupation License (normally six months)

As part of your building costs you will need to pay Waikato District Council the appropriate Building Consent fees.  You will not have to pay towards the Waikato District Council Capital Contributions.  These are the funds that go towards the various infrastructure needs of the District (reserves, roading etc.) and are paid for by the Trust Board upon receipt of the final Waikato District Council invoice to you.

The cost of connecting services to your dwelling is your responsibility. 

The weekly fee (village outgoings) payable for the site is 50% of the current weekly fee (village outgoings) for a maximum of two years from the date the Occupation License is enacted.  If construction of a house commences before the two years, the whole current weekly fee becomes payable from the date of your builder commencing work.  The current weekly fee as of 1st October 2018 is $101.00, payable four weekly ($404.00).



Properties available.









 This elegant and stylish home features a large open-plan kitchen, has a spacious
dining and lounge area and the bathroom boasts a large wet shower. This home is very well
set up, with garage access through the kitchen and plenty of storage. It is fitted with a heat
pump, dishwasher and an InSinkErator.  




This gorgeous 3 bedroom home features sunny open plan living flowing out to a lovely private patio and rural

outlook which looks over our stunning pond. Or whip up a culinary delight in the kitchen with a fabulous view.



This house is loaded with potential to create the perfect home.  This property has a cosy living area with a sunny

conservatory, 2 bedrooms and1 bathroom. The insulation has recently been updated and has a heat pump in the living area.