There are many ways to support Aparangi Village



A bequest is a method of making a lasting gift to a cause or issue that you feel strongly about. It can make your caring last for future generations. In other words- Your legacy lives on.

No bequest is too small and we are grateful for any remembrance that you choose to name in your will.


Money in lieu - What does this mean?

It is now a generally accepted practice at funerals for donations to be left to a specific charity rather than flowers. If this is what the family wish then this can usually be discussed with the Funeral Director or Minister.


Donation & Gifts

This is often when a Club, School or Organization that you are associated with may like to plan a fundraising day or event for Aparangi. If this is the case we would be most grateful.

If this is something that you may like to do please call Pat Gutry 07 826 3517 to discuss. No donation is too small. It is the art of giving that we really appreciate and most of all your support



Aparangi are really lucky that we have a wonderful fundraising team who enjoy what they do. However if you had some time to offer the team would really appreciate your help to spread the load. If you or people you know would like to help, even if it’s an odd day here or there then we would love to have you join us. Please call Pat Gutry 07 826 3517 to discuss how you can help.


Wish list

The Trust relies on bequests, donations and sponsorship to supplement our Government funding to enable us to provide the quality of care and support that we believe older people deserve.

We are grateful for the support we have received in the past and welcome any support you may be able to offer in the future. 

Any items that enhance our gardens, the equipment we use in the care unit and provide social activity are most welcome


Aparangi House of Treasures

Our shop- The House of Treasures

Second Hand Goods-all proceeds go to Aparangi Village

Please donate any unwanted bric a brac,furniture, crockery and so on. Contact Pat Gutry or Aparangi Administration.




Current projects


Fundraising needs 2020

RCU frontage upgrade-an area we are keen to see occur but currently cost prohibitive. A new entrance way to the village is also high on the agenda.

Further development to upgrade outstanding care unit rooms including our dream to provide dementia care so that our people can stay in Aparangi.This will require significant fundraisng to occur.

New Equipment for RCU is always invaluable. This includes electric mattresses;electic beds;lazy boys,and gym equipment. Keeping fit and active is important to maintain independent living and reduce your risk of falling